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LASS by Request
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"Richard has been doing excellent art and craft glass work for many years, for corporations, clubs, businesses, collectors, designers, and others with fine taste" 

Glass by Request has been in business for over 35 years, creating art and decorative glass for restaurants and office settings as well as Victorian and Frank Lloyd Wright homes
in the Chicago area.

Take a look at our portfolio and discover how etched glass
can bring elegance, interest, and drama to your home or business—at a reasonable cost.


I have broad experience in all aspects of art, design, and decorative glass—from etching, carving and sandblasting to stained and leaded glass—and a thorough knowledge of the
art glass industry. 

I have applied my expertise to signage, sculpture, doorways, foyers, tables, shower enclosures, mirrors, cabinetry, furniture, corporate and professional recognition pieces, …as well as skillful handling and installation of specialty glass pieces for high-end residential and commercial locations.

Glass by Request is a one-person operation with modest a overhead.  I have extensive connections within the custom
glass profession, so if I can’t solve an unusual problem, I
can quickly find the answer.   As a result, my prices are low
to competitive.

I will be pleased to apply meticulous and intelligent craftsmanship to meet your requests whether you are a
designer, an individual, or a business. 

We specialize in new and unusual challenges!


1.    Get in touch and let me know what you need or
are imagining.  I’m a good listener and can contribute solutions you might not have considered.

2.    I can work from a photo or design, or assemble a design based on your needs and interests.

3.    I will work with you to establish the parameters of
the project—when do you need the job completed?  Do
you need it shipped or installed?    I’ll provide a price estimate within 48 hours or less.

4.    We’ll create your pieces using both modern
computer technology and classic tried-and-true methods.


“I’ve worked with wood, metal and other hard materials.
But working with glass is always the most interesting because
of its physical characteristics. It’s completely unlike other hard substances in that everything you try to do with it creates new challenges. I get a lot of satisfaction from crafting a beautiful thing from this complex material. “  

I grew up in Oak Park, IL, surrounded by Frank Lloyd Wright homes as well as other Victorian and modern architectural masterpieces. 

At age 12,  I became engrossed in learning advanced math
and musical instruments—the foundations for my artistic work today.  At 18, one of the only places that would hire a kid with long hair was a lamp factory that used stained glass.  I didn’t particularly like the job but I learned a lot and then searched out more training with local glass professionals.  I started
Glass by Request in 1976 and became one of a few “go-to guys” around Chicago for custom etching. 

My clients and employers have included EMCO (Equipment Manufacturing Company), Skyline Design, Curran Glass Studio, Glass Artistry, Slee Corporation, H3 Architectural,
and many individuals.

When I’m not playing with glass, I play bass guitar with the Nash Ramblers. 


Please call or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Richard A. Holmes   
Glass By Request
1416 Gunderson Ave.
Berwyn IL 60402
email Rich@GlassByRequest.com

If you have an idea or a photo give a call and let's talk about how your wish
can become a reality.